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What to Do Before, During, and After You Put Your Home on the Market

If you have made plans to sell your home in 2017, it can be difficult to get started if you don’t know how to take the first steps. What you want to do before you start the home selling process is choose your real estate agent and determine when you want to put your home on the market. Once you’ve done that, follow the steps outlined in this home selling timeline.

2 Months Before Listing

A couple of months before you put your home on the market, you’ll be getting it ready to sell. You may have already started cleaning, decluttering, and replacing old appliances in your home before this point — that’s great! You’ll have fewer things to worry about. Here are the first steps to take in the home selling process during this month:

  • Gather all necessary documents, including the title, survey, and insurance policy.
  • Evaluate your home and make all the necessary repairs.
  • Clean and declutter your home from top to bottom.

1 Month Before Listing

About a month before you put your home on the market, you will need to understand the real estate market conditions in your area and determine a price for your home. Your real estate agent will be able to explain how current trends, such as low inventory, can have an impact on your home sale.

1 Week Before Listing

Now that you’ve made the major preparations to sell your home, take some time in the days leading up to listing to check that your home is ready for showings.

  • Work with your agent to take photos of your home.
  • Do a final deep clean, and open the windows to let the fresh air inside.
  • Stage your home so it looks even more spacious and welcoming than it already is.

While Your Home is on the Market

After you have listed your home, spend a few minutes a day wiping off surfaces, dusting, and maintaining your home’s appearance. Remember, home buyers may come at any time to view your property, so keep it as clean as you can.

  • Spend time away from home while your agent is conducting showings.
  • Ask your real estate agent about feedback from showings.
  • Review your listing’s performance with your agent.

After You Receive an Offer

talking with real estate agentAll of your hard work paid off — you now have an offer on your house! Work with your real estate agent to negotiate the best price, review the contract, and cooperate with the home inspector and the appraiser. Depending on the buyer’s ability to secure financing and any delays that may happen, the period from accepting the buyer’s offer to closing could take anywhere from a month to 6 weeks.

Delays and setbacks can be frustrating when trying to sell your home. Try as hard as you can not to worry; your real estate agent will keep you updated during the entire process so you’ll know how and when to take the next steps.

Ready to Get Your Home Sold?

I have worked with homeowners in the Wake Forest, Rolesville, Louisburg, and Lake Gaston area for over 30 years. There’s no home selling situation I haven’t already experienced. If you’re ready to earn top dollar for your home and sell it as quickly as possible, call me at 919-556-7444 to get started.

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